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Part A Hospital Insurance

Mark Deno Medicare Agent Broker will also help you secure the best and most affordable choice for your Medicare Part A hospital insurance.

Medicare Part A with our brokers offers you inpatient care that is reasonably priced. You could receive your inpatient care at a critical access hospital, an inpatient mental healthcare centre, an acute care hospital, or an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

If it is medically required, Medicare Part A also covers post-hospital skilled nursing and brief post-hospital home health care in addition to hospitalization. Hospice services are covered in Part A and may include counselling, social assistance, DME, and palliative care. Medicare hospice coverage also offers temporary respite care so that caregivers can take a break.

A few home health care treatments obtained while in the hospital or right after an inpatient stay are also covered by Part A. This covers physical therapy, medical social services, and professional nursing care. Services for home health aides are often reimbursed only when skilled nursing is also being provided.

Long-term care, such as protracted stays in nursing homes, is not covered by Medicare. If someone wants to prepare for this, they may want to consider getting long-term care insurance.

Some items are not covered, like outpatient surgeries. That you may assume would come under Part A might not fall into the category. This is why you should always seek advice from an experienced and efficient Medicare insurance broker when deciding whether something is inpatient or outpatient.

The brokers at Mark Deno Medicare Agent Broker are always ready to listen to your complaints and help you devise solutions. Your comfort is our joy.

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